To those who believe in love, no matter what

A glimpse, a kiss, a touch. And then hold each other tight in a hug and feel that it’s your place. 
You’re home.

In every single little gesture there’s a gift, that is priceless: it’s love.
 The love I look for, just to treasure it forever.
This is my photography. You and the golden light of a sunset. You and your love, spontaneous and authentic.


VALUe. trust. connection.
my vision and YOUr story, together.


The one behind the camera: let's meet up!

who i am.  what i love.
and my why.
i'm so happy yo meet you!

about me

Here I am, shooting weddings for 5 years now. 
You can have a look at my life, at what I love and care the most. And you can find out if we are a good fit for each other. 

Love stories, told in pictures

take a minute to have a look at my portfolio: everything you could dream of and more!

my work

Today you made us relive the same emotions we felt almost three months ago, all condensed in a couple of hours. The photos are exactly as I’d love to remember my wedding.

Obviously I'm shedding tears on end. Each photo is more beautiful than the other.
Thank you so much, they are beyond words. Looking back at these images I would like to relive that day a thousand times again.

Looking at them, every single picture was an emotion that filled my heart. These are not just photos but moments that continue to live and because of this they are infinitely special. I saw my happiness in these photos, I relived the same joy I felt that morning, waiting at the church to see my beloved at the altar. I waited for my wedding so much and now I’m so happy, it went beyond my imagination and I’m so thankful because thank to you I’ll relive it forever. You were great, perfect. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

A perfect, well documented service, with so many beautiful photos (we didn’t expect to be so photogenic!). With some skillful touches they collected with the right light, every glimpse and feeling of us. You really rock and these bright and innovative photos really were worth the price. Excellent!

The photos are so beautiful! We simply loved them and you have been really fantastic. They are memorable and they also tell how a beautiful person you are. Thank you so much for having eternalized our important and touching day.

Oh, what a marvel! Thank you, because your photos reawaken all the emotions of that day, every moment, as if it was today. They are so perfectly beautiful!

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