There is a thing you have to know about me: I’m kind of an extroverted introvert. 
To me, it means that I love being with people and chat (and I could talk for like hooours) but I also need to take some breaks and be by myself, alone. Just to think about what I have seen and felt. 
Because most of the time I feel kinda emotional overloaded and I’m not so good at talking about my feelings.
Luckily I’ve found another way to express myself, and that’s through my photography.

I love my work because to me it’s not about a picture.
 It’s all about life.
About memories. The happiest ones. With the people you really love.
And a picture can relive happiness. 
It can make you feel happy and lucky even in the darkest moments. It can make you remember precious moments and feel the luckiest person, even when the world seems to crumble.
Memories can save you. And so a picture does, because to me it’s not just about a picture. It’ all about love.

My name is Stefania Ciurletti and I’m a wedding photographer. 



That means mom and dad, my brother, my three dogs and my boyfriend. But I have to confess, at the age of 30 I still see my dad as one and only superhero. Aaaand that’s why you could catch me secretly crying as you walk down the aisle with your father or during your first dance with him. Just saying.



But not just places. Of course I love beautiful landscapes. But I’m not able to just admire them: to me, they’re the perfect frame for people. That’s why I’d wish to find a couple of lovers every time I’m around (and that's why every time I have to stop me from stalking everyone's next to me to be my model!)


/simple things

A blanket and a candle to recharge. A dinner with your closest friends. A walk in a cold winter day, when the sun kisses your face. An unexpected trip to the seaside and a walk barefoot in the hot sand. 
A gift for someone you love. My father's hugs. My dogs and their endless kisses. Every little achievement, every step that turns a dream into reality.


/golden light

I have not decided yet the light I love the most, whether the one at dawn or at dusk. All I know is that I could stare at the colors of sky for hours. And that I could ask you to join me to chase that incredible, magical light at any time, just to have those special photos, which will be a treasure forever.



is what I always seek. In the wind through your hair. In the glimpse of two lovers. In every refined detail.
Beauty to me is the love and the care you put in everything you do. Beauty lies in delicacy and kindness.
Because when you do what you do with care and love, it can only be something beautiful.

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And you, are you ready to share your hearts with me?

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